Core Values

A Little About Us

This year, we are a new team. Most of our team had been doing FLL for some time, but we were never all on the same team. Before this year, we were two teams, HYDRA and The Brickstormers. We both didn't have enough people for two separate teams, so we decided to combine teams. We had some disagreements on how to do some things, such as The Brickstormers usually having a large robot whereas HYDRA didn't like using those large, square robots. But we overcame the disagreements and grew together as a better team.

Core Values Practices

Since we were a new team, we took extra time on Core Values to make sure we were strong as a team and that we could work well together. Over the course of this year, we've done a couple of Core Values practices, with challenges like there would be in the tournament. Each time, we are given a task to complete, with certain criteria. Before we would preform the task given, we would always plan what we would need to do to complete it, how we would do it, and who would be given what job.

What Happens Behind the Scenes?

We do some amazing work by ourselves, but we couldn't get everything done without our friends! See, we have many helpful "people" working with us to get everything we do finished. Here are some examples of what's going on!

Popplio is attempting to help Baby Dragon understand our programming - it's quite complicated.

Popplio and Baby Dragon are playing some catch to bond with each other and learn Core Values.

Top: Popplio helps Baby Dragon finish his build. It's going to be very helpful in the mission runs!

Bottom: Popplio and Baby Dragon are explaining their project to Kirby, who is understanding it very well - it's a very good project!